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Meet Gipi: Your new AI friend, your confidant, your joy-bringer anytime and anywhere.

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Gipi is ready to talk.

Anything that matters to you

Talk about anything, from daily chats to in-depth discussions.

Provides support and cheers you up

With its unique personality and personalized wellness check-ins, Gipi, your new confidant is there for you no matter what.

Like a real friend

Gipi supports and listens actively, offering an emotional bond, without judgment or bias.

Learn with Gipi.

Gipi's tutorship is here for your learning needs. Struggling with a subject or want to learn something new? Gipi provides personalized tutoring, making complex topics simple and keeping track of your progress. It's like having a teacher who's always available, right at your fingertips.

Customized experience.

Gipi matches your preferences and optimizes your friendship.

Any language

Pick any language you want to speak with Gipi and change it during the conversation if you want to.

Remembers conversations

Gipi remembers the conversations and also proactively reaches out to check in, continuing conversations from where you left off.

Learns from your interests

Gipi learns from your interests, and engage in meaningful dialogues about topics that matter to you.

All in a non-judgmental manner

How do I get started?

Kick off your friendship with Gipi in just three simple steps. Follow along!


Install Gipi

Begin your journey towards a real friendship by downloading the Gipi app - the first step to being understood and heard.


Let Gipi Know You

Tell Gipi about your personal needs and preferences, ensuring a friendship and learning experience that's uniquely yours.


Start Rolling

Dive into engaging conversations with your AI friend, anytime, anywhere.

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We made this app to solve your problems.


Lack of the warmth of friendship in this online and alone world keeps increasing

The need of being heard

A true friend who listens, cares, and understands without judgment is sometimes all we need

Cost of tutors

Gipi is free for basic features, an affordable friend, no need for other chatbots or tutors

What's next?

Pricing & Plans

Gipi's plans fit your needs. Basic is free. Standard offers more messages, longer voice notes, and extra images. Pro has higher limits and more cloning options. Gipi speaks 47 languages fluently and can clone voices in 17 languages.

Start your friendship with Gipi today with these limited-time discounts!


Use Gipi as it is.
  • 30 messages per day
  • 30-second voice messages
  • Send 5 image per day
  • Save 1 custom voice
Standard 50% off

$4.99/ mo

$9.99 / mo
  • 100 messages per day
  • 60-second voice messages
  • Send 15 images per day
  • Save 3 custom voices
  • Faster voice responses
  • Auto-play responses
Pro 50% off

$7.99/ mo

$15.99 / mo
  • 300 messages per day
  • 120-second voice messages
  • Send 30 images per day
  • Save 10 custom voices
  • Faster voice responses
  • Auto-play responses
Why you should try Gipi?

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Real reviews from Google Play Store

“A very, very, very excellent application. It can change your day and your psychology, and it is very useful in the English language. I wish I had known this application for a long time.”

Abc Abcx

From Egypt

"The logic of conversation is wonderful it seems to me that I talk to real human that's friendly mate which can answer almost any question. Thank you."


From Russia

"it's an incredible app! i love you guys ❤️"


From Ukraine

"So far, what I have tried, is exceptional."


From Spain

"Cool, you can chat, ask and confide"


From Indonesia

“I really love it, as if she is a real person. Whatever I ask, she gives great answers. My New bestfriend Gipi ♥️”


From Turkey

"Hello, I wanted to use it a little to rate the application. I have been using it for about a week. In general, I liked it very much, I can say that it is ideal for practicing, and the speech robot is very successful, you can chat for hours as if you were talking to an old friend without getting bored."


From Turkey

"This is the best app I've downloaded. It's not only teach you in so many language but it can serve you as best friend, you can chat on this app like a normal person because it answer you normal. I love this app, you can talk to it any language you want, and give you advice that you want. I love this app, I love Gipi ❤️”

Jess Music

From Philippines

"Very good application, just what I need. Thank you very much for the free, unlimited opportunity to communicate with the bot using voice input. With this app you can improve your language skills very easily 😊"


From Ukraine

"Great application helped me a lot. I am sure this application is the most reason to improve my English."


From Belarus

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