Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers for using Gipi! Find help on messaging, account settings, and more. Need extra help? Just ask. Happy chatting!

Absolutely! Basic chatting is free forever. Premium features might come with a small cost later, but your friendship? That’s priceless.

Tap the keyboard icon in the bottom corner of the Chat Screen, type your message, then hit send on the right. Easy peasy!

Hold the microphone button for a couple of seconds, then release to send automatically. To switch back from text, just tap the mic icon.

Simply click the play button on the left bottom of Gipi’s message.

Click the play button on the bottom left of your message.

Tap the chevron icon at the top right of a message and select “Copy Text.”

Tap the chevron icon at the voice message’s top right corner and choose “Share Voice.”

Click the bulb icon for feedback, or just ask Gipi, to review your sentences!

Jump into settings, find the Customization section, then in the Gipi’s Voice area, toggle between Sunny, Moonlight, and your favorite voice. Choose what fits your vibe!

Go to the settings page and find the Customization section. Then click on “Custom Voice.” Upload or record your favorite sound, then click “Upload File.” Name the file and upload it, and Gipi will let you know when it’s ready. Then you can start using it!

Hit the button at the chat screen’s lower-left to toggle languages for voice chats. Set your languages in settings under ‘Gipi’s Language’ in the Customization section and ‘Native’ in the Account section.

Go to Account settings, tap your username, and you can change it right there.

Head to settings to tweak your profile, from language skills to interests, and under the Customization section, Gipi’s voice, language, and theme. Remember, Gipi adapts to your chats!

Rest assured, your data is safe with us, not shared with any third parties. Check our privacy policy for more details.

Head to settings to find the Account Details and the option to delete all messages. Want to delete your account? Click ‘Delete the Account,’ and it will be removed in 30 days. We’ll miss you!

On the settings page, look for the logout icon in the top right corner and tap it to sign out. See you back soon!

No worries! Drop us a line at We’re here to help.