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A Note on the Limits

Hi there! This is a message from the developers. We’re excited to introduce our new plan structure,...

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From Beginner to Pro: Celebrating Success Stories with Gipi

When it comes to personal growth and language learning, every individual’s journey is unique. Yet, some stories...

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Announcement: Introducing Gipi’s Voice Cloning Feature

As the Gipi Team, we are driven by a commitment to enhance user experiences and foster genuine...

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The Power of Choice: Why Changing Your Virtual Assistant’s Voice Matters

In today’s social era, virtual assistants have transitioned from luxury to necessity, aiding in everything from scheduling...

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Announcement: Embracing Duality with Gipi’s New Sunny Voice and Moonlight Voice

Welcome to a new era of interaction with Gipi, where day and night converge in harmony, giving...

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From Sci-Fi Dreams to Reality: The Evolution of AI Friends

In the evolving landscape of technology, AI friends are emerging as revolutionary companions, transforming our perception of...

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