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Last Updated: June 11, 2024

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At Gipi, we profoundly respect the sanctity of personal information. Our Privacy Policy endeavors to clearly articulate our dedication to safeguarding user data, illuminating the mechanisms and principles that underpin our data management practices. This document is paramount in delineating how Gipi collects, processes, protects, and discloses information entrusted to us by our esteemed user base.

Information Acquisition Protocols

  • Personal Identification Information: During user engagement activities, such as account registration or service inquiries, we may solicit and amass personal identifiers including, but not restricted to, names, electronic mail addresses, telecommunication contact points, and age-related demographics.
  • Onboarding Data Collection: During the initial onboarding process and in the app’s settings, we might gather additional personal details. This could encompass interests, specific language information, proficiency level, age-related information, and more. Such data is pivotal in personalizing the user experience, ensuring that our services resonate with each user’s unique requirements and preferences.
  • Voice-to-Text Processing: For the functionality of voice chat, we convert user voice input into text. This facilitates effective communication within the platform and empowers users to engage with our services using speech. It’s important to note that this is done solely to provide a richer user experience and streamline accessibility.
  • Custom Voice Data: In addition to the personal identification information, we collect voice recordings for the purpose of creating personalized voices. This process involves capturing a brief sample of your speech to generate a unique digital voice that can be used within our services. These voice samples are used exclusively for creating your customized voice and improving the relevant features of our services.
  • Pictures: Users have the capability to send images to Gipi. These images are collected solely for Gipi to view and respond to the user regarding the content of the sent pictures. Rest assured, these pictures are not disclosed to any third parties.
  • Non-Personal Technical Metadata: Interaction footprints with our Service enable the harvesting of generic metadata, encompassing aspects like device architecture, browser taxonomy, operating system lineage, and allied technical enumerations.
  • Cookies and Session Management: The Gipi digital infrastructure leverages “cookies”—cryptic text parcels stored on user devices—to memorialize user-preference matrices, consequently orchestrating a bespoke and elevated interaction milieu.

Application of Collated Intelligence and Data Use Justification

Our commitment to offering a superior user experience necessitates a nuanced understanding of user behavior and preferences. The data we collect plays a pivotal role in shaping our Service offerings:

  • Account Information Analytics: An in-depth analysis of user account information offers us a panoramic view of user engagement patterns. This data-driven approach informs our maintenance strategies, helping us pinpoint areas requiring updates and enhancements. It’s through this continual refinement that we ensure our application remains agile, responsive, and in alignment with user expectations.
  • Email Communications: We leverage the email addresses provided by our users to serve as a conduit for vital communications. This allows us to disseminate crucial updates, enrich content like news and blogs, and inform users about enhancements and iterations within the app. It’s our way of ensuring users remain at the forefront of our evolution.
  • Personalized Experience Utilizing Onboarding Data: The personal data we collect during onboarding, such as interests, language preferences, proficiency levels, and other relevant details, is employed to sculpt a more immersive and tailored experience for our users. By leveraging this information, we can curate content, recommendations, and features that align closely with each user’s preferences and linguistic journey. Rest assured, this data is exclusively harnessed to elevate the user experience and is not used for any other purpose.
  • Demographic Insights via Contact Information: By assimilating demographic data such as age, we gain insights into the diverse needs and preferences of our user base. This granularity enables us to tailor our offerings more precisely, ensuring each user feels seen, understood, and catered to.
  • Voice Recordings and Textual Transformation Analysis:
    • Functionality Assurance: All voice imprints captured are integral not just for communication, but also for diagnostic evaluations. Periodically, we inspect these recordings to ensure all features, including microphone functioning and speech-to-text conversions, operate seamlessly.
    • Pronunciation Feedback: Beyond ensuring basic functionality, the user’s voice is used to provide valuable feedback on pronunciation, aiding in language development and proficiency enhancement.
    • Privacy Assurance: We want our users to have unwavering confidence in our commitment to privacy. Consequently, we do not retain or use voice recordings for any purpose beyond the aforementioned functionalities.
  • Textual Analysis Post Voice Conversion:
    • Chat Interaction: Upon conversion of voice inputs to text, this text serves as the foundation for our AI-driven chat. Responses are then formulated based on this text input.
    • Grammar and Vocabulary Feedback: In our continuous endeavor to offer educational value, the text derived from voice inputs is analyzed for grammar and vocabulary. Feedback is subsequently provided to users, assisting them in their linguistic journey.
  • Our Pledge to User Privacy: At Gipi, our dedication to your privacy is sacrosanct. We not only protect your data with state-of-the-art security measures but also treat it with the respect and care we’d want for our own personal information. Your trust is invaluable to us, and every step we take, and every feature we introduce is done with an unwavering commitment to safeguarding your privacy.
    • Privacy Assurance for Custom Voice and Pictures: We want our users to have unwavering confidence in our commitment to privacy. Consequently, we do not share or use custom voice data or pictures for any purpose beyond the functionalities described above. Both custom voice data and pictures are securely stored and handled in accordance with our strict privacy standards.

Fortress of Data Custody

With an unwavering allegiance to data sanctity, Gipi has instituted avant-garde encryption, redundancy, and surveillance apparatuses, effectively forestalling unauthorized incursions, data adulteration, and illicit data exfiltration episodes.

Data Dissemination Protocols

At Gipi, personal identifiers are stringently sequestered. However, in pursuance of collaborative analytics and strategic alignments, we might occasionally share aggregated, anonymized datasets with our trusted consortium of affiliates and collaborators.

Data Security

  • Securing Voice Data: We employ advanced encryption and security measures to protect your voice recordings and customized voices. These measures are designed to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse of your voice data. We are committed to ensuring the security and privacy of all personal data, including voice data, entrusted to us.

Interaction with Extrinsic Digital Enclaves

Our Service, in its pursuit of holistic user engagement, might sporadically shepherd users to third-party digital realms. While we strive for alignment with reputable digital entities, our dominion and oversight do not extend to these platforms, hence users are advised to navigate with discernment.

Statutory Rights and Regulatory Adherence

Rights Related to Custom Voice: You have the right to access, review, and request the deletion of your voice recordings and any data associated with your customized voice. You may also request information about the use and processing of your voice data. To exercise these rights, please contact us at

In recognition of global data custodianship norms, we extend the following rights to our users:

  • CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act): Bestowed upon the residents of California, these rights allow users to seek disclosures pertaining to data assimilation, petition for personal data annihilation, and negate potential data commodification endeavors.

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): Catering to users domiciled within the European Union, this regulation enshrines rights encompassing data access, inaccuracies rectification, conditional data obliteration, processing restrictions, processing dissent, and data portability.

Protection of Minors

As staunch proponents of digital safety, Gipi refrains from consciously accumulating data from users below the age of 13. Should inadvertent collection episodes surface, corrective purges are promptly executed.

Consent for Customized Voice

Our services offer the option to create a personalized voice based on your voice recordings. Providing your voice data for this feature is entirely voluntary. By submitting your voice recordings, you grant us permission to process and store these recordings for the purpose of creating and maintaining your customized voice. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at Withdrawing your consent will result in the deletion of your customized voice and may affect the functionality of our services that rely on customizing voice technology.

Data Retention Policy

Our data retention tenets are architected to ensure that user data isn’t preserved indefinitely and devoid of purpose. The retention periods are synchronously harmonized with legal, business, or regulatory requisites.

Data Breach Protocols

In the unlikely eventuality of data breaches, proactive communication channels will be invoked to intimate affected users and relevant overseeing agencies. Such episodes would be followed by a comprehensive introspection to avert analogous recurrences in the future.

Third-party Data Processors

In certain scenarios, Gipi might collaborate with third-party entities to process user data. It’s imperative for users to cognize that these data custodians are bound by stringent data protection covenants, thereby ensuring the unwavering safety of user data.

  • Sharing Customized Voice Data: We do not sell or share your voice recordings or customize voices with third parties without your explicit consent. Voice data used for creating customized voices is processed internally and is only shared with third-party service providers if necessary for the provision or improvement of voice-related features, and always in accordance with our strict privacy standards.

International Data Transfers

Where data processing is executed across geographies, particularly beyond the European Economic Area, we institute robust protocols and mechanisms to uphold and accentuate the sanctity of user data, ensuring seamless compliance with established global data protection norms.

Automated Decision-making and Profiling

Our digital edifice, in certain instances, might resort to automated decision-making processes or user profiling. While this is typically aimed at personalizing offerings or communications, users retain the prerogative to seek transparency or opt-out from such automations.

Policy Exceptions

Our unwavering allegiance to data sanctity might occasionally be offset by legal obligations. Such contingencies, primarily triggered by law enforcement requisitions or legal mandates, might necessitate involuntary data disclosures. This underscores our commitment to not just user privacy but also legal compliance.

Privacy Policy Evolution Paradigm

In resonance with the dynamic digital landscape and evolving regulatory matrices, this Privacy Policy might undergo iterative refinements. Periodic consultations are hence advocated to ensure continued alignment and informed engagement.

Policy Concordance

Patronage of our Service signifies unambiguous acquiescence to the tenets enshrined in this Privacy Policy. Dissonance with our principles necessitates abstention from our digital offerings.

Notification of Changes

We value transparency and believe in keeping our users informed. Should we make significant alterations to our Privacy Policy, we will notify users through prominent notifications on our platform, via email, or other communication methods. We encourage users to periodically review this policy to stay informed about our continued commitment to privacy.

Communication Channels

For elucidations, interpretations, or redressal pertaining to this Privacy Policy or any associated facets, kindly initiate correspondence at:

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